Good news: I arrived safely in Paris! Bad news: I forgot to pack my camera USB wire…On the upside of that, my husband has been taking some pics on his phone and I will be using those until I buy a new USB wire for my camera.

Paris does not disappoint! It was everything I thought it would be. It was a sea of fast-paced Parisians and chatty tourists, with a gorgeous backdrop of historic architecture and lovely cafes.

We flew out on Thursday and arrived Friday morning. (Paris time). This meant we had a 7 hour time adjustment. 3 am on the plane became 10 am upon setting foot on the Paris cobblestone streets. We were exhausted! We decided to stay at a shared airbnb for the experience. This meant sharing a house with strangers. Great way to leave behind inhibitions, right?

That could have definitely gone two ways, but thankfully it turned out really well. We were greeted by a young couple: Vero and Tonyo, Spanish and Italian, respectively. Vero spoke Spanish and was a tour guide, so she promptly pulled out a city map and showed us some sites to see and how to get there. I speak fluent Spanish, so we were able to communicate without a problem. It was a very nice experience, overall. (Call me overly Americanized, but I think I’ll stick to the privacy of a hotel, though).

After getting some much needed sleep, we headed into the city at around 8pm. We had dinner just around the corner at a tiny, fancy shmancy restaurant where the waitress was snobby and the food overpriced. I was feeling culture-shock at that point. There are so many things Rosetta Stone doesn’t prepare you for. In an over-populated city, suddenly I felt so alone and far from home. I was close to tears. I had bad food, rude service, I was jet-lagged, cold, and lonely. My husband re-assured me that it would get better, and I just had to open up to the experience. He was right.

In an effort to cheer me up, we headed to the Eiffel Tower.


I think my expression speaks for itself.

It was soooo cold! (Hence, the bright red nose!)

This definitely made my night! It certainly is one thing to see the tower on photos, and a very different experience to stand in front of it. It is breath-taking! My primary motivation for visiting Paris was not because of the Eiffel Tower. As a matter of fact, I wanted to skip Paris altogether. I’m very glad I didn’t!

At one point, the Eiffel Tower lit up with blue twinkling lights and it was the most magnificent thing I have seen! (That picture is in my camera 😦 but I promise to upload them soon).


Paris is very romantic! I now know why they call it the city of love ❤

We were freezing after walking around the city, so we decided to stop at a cafe for midnight   dessert and wine, and espressos.


Desserts in France are decadent!


Say goodbye to All-American Venti Cappuccinos. Espressos are the standard coffee served in France.

Note that this is Friday night in Paris. While we were enjoying a nice midnight snack, others were hitting up clubs and bars and drinkin’ it up. Needless to say, we had a very interesting  ride home on the metro!

There were young people chugging bottles of wine and one especially rowdy group that climbed on with us. They seemed to be celebrating a birthday, so there was plenty of singing and laughter. One particular group member was so drunk that he was attempting gymnastic stunts on the metro rails! It was pretty hilarious, especially after having a couple of glasses of wine myself!

This is SimplyLili sayin’ Welcome to Paris!-Day 1 🙂


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