My husband and I have made the decision to experience Europe indefinitely! We have now spent 3 months in France, 2 months in Greece, 1 month in Morocco (ok that’s Africa-still overseas, so it counts :p), 1 month in Portugal-and the “plan” is to spend 1 month in Iceland in September, visit Germany in October, explore the Netherlands in November, and spend December (Christmas-time) in Italy! That’s as far as our lax planning goes, and next year I’m sure we’ll point at the map and say “Oh, but now we MUST go there”-in our typical fashion. Come along and experience the world with us through adventures, stories, photographs, tips, faux pas, and more.  I invite you to take this journey with me as we explore Europe’s hidden treasures, and even it’s not so appealing side; all the while embracing this voyage with an open mind and a loving heart.



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